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The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course coming soon!

Everything you asked for, in 1 course, 22+ hours of high quality video lectures, text docs after each lecture with code and directions...
I'm proud to announce that "The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course" is almost complete. Expecting launch within the week. I received feedback from my 12,000+ students over the past few months and used that feedback to design and build this course. With 22+ hours of high quality video content and text documents with code and directions after each lecture, the course will cover the following:
- Ruby -> everything from hello world to arrays, hashes, loops, object-oriented programming
- First Rails app -> feature rich app built completely from scratch using nothing but hand written code, no generators. Starting with basic CRUD setup, then adding styling and so on. Every line of code will be explained, and deployment to production will be done at every step.
- Authentication systems, model associations (one to many, many to many), automated testing, unit, functional and integration tests using default rails testing framework, working with git, github and heroku in detail!
- Second Rails app introduces Ajax, search, use of generators, gems to handle stock quotes, authentication, complex database associations with ability to search and follow other users and much more!
- Third app introduces handling email in production and development, Stripe API for handling customized payments for signup, extending devise to handling account setups, Javascript for form submission, file uploads and working with Amazon's Web Services - S3 buckets in production...
and much, much more!
As always, the course will come with full support in the discussions at all times.
Hope I'll see all of you there!
Keep building!
- Mashrur
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