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August 2017 Code Challenge - Build a Sunday Market Management App!

Group Challenge - WINNERS ANNOUNCED!


It was too close to call between the teams of "Sunday Market(Not yet defined)" and "Sunday Fresh Foods Market", so I'm declaring them BOTH the winners of the August 2017 code challenge!

Congratulations Daniel Penaloza, Oliver Dhilon and Rafael Prallon representing the oddly named team of "Sunday Market(Not yet defined)" and Mario Juretic - who decided to go solo and did a great job for team "Sunday Fresh Foods Market"

The few categories that mattered most -

App functionality - while both teams did well here, the "Not yet defined" team did a little bit better in terms of features, usability and design. Whereas Mario's app was well done and included features like "email confirm" during signup - Congratulations to both teams!

Check out the two apps below -

Sunday Market(Not yet defined): here 

Mario's app: here

Website - Mario clearly wins here, the site mentions the code challenge and it's a clearly dedicated page outside of a linkedin profile and can easily be used as a seller page. Check it out here

Combining the two, I would say it was a clear

There were a lot of participating groups this time, congratulations everyone and thanks for participating in the August 2017 Code Challenge!

Code challenge details below:

August 2017 Code Challenge is here - Create/Work with a group of 3 or more to build a Sunday Fresh Foods Market application!

Summary: There is a fictional group of investors who booked a venue for a Sunday Market. They want the sellers to sign-up online to book a spot in the market and list up to 20 items they will list for sale. There will be 5 categories of sale items and each seller can list products in multiple categories for sale. Each category can have multiple sellers listing products as well. The admins will have the option to add categories if necessary. Buyers can then view the marketplace of products, categories etc. to see if it's worth their time to visit the Sunday Market!

If you are unable to find 2-3 other group members to work with on the project from the Q & A, you can go to the live-chat at and find other members.

The Application -

- The application will have a homepage

- The application will have a sign-up, log-in, logout feature for sellers

- The application will have an admin feature, so admin users can log-in and maintain the app

- There will be categories of products (pick 5 that have to be present at launch) with the option of adding more, categories will only be names

- Sellers can add products for sale, products will have summary and description and be tied to categories and sellers, image for product would be a great addition

- There will be a categories listing page, a products listing page and a sellers listing page. They will each have some meta data about the others they are linked to (for example, seller 1, 10 products, 3 categories etc.)

- Images for products carry extra points

- Email confirmation for seller sign-up, ie extra security - carries extra points

Very Important Additions - 1) The Seller -

You will have to create at least 1 fictional (or non-fictional, could be your own) seller page separate from the application so that you can sign-up for the application and add in a link that links back to the seller if a user/client clicks on it. Basically just a simple bio page for the seller would be good enough. The important aspect is to learn to create an online presence for marketing/selling/consulting - anything at all. Ensure the application has a feature for sellers to add a link to their name

Very Important Additions - 2) Youtube Video -

This one is optional, but create one 2-3 minute Youtube video showing the application and the sellers page. This video can be as good or as plain as you want. No need to invest here - use existing setup (like quicktime, iMovie or free video software) and if you don't have an external microphone for audio, just use the built-in one. The important aspect here is to learn to advertise and showcase your work, not just as text but also in video format

What help will I provide? -

I'll send out 1 free video per week starting this Tuesday - August 15th to my newsletter subscribers (You can sign-up below if you're not already subscribed). These free videos will be 2-10 minutes in length and discuss structure you can use and some other guidelines, they won't include actual code to build the app. Note: This is totally optional, you don't have to build this the way I will guide in the videos. No additional points will be awarded for using my methods/suggestions.

What frameworks, languages you can use -

You can use any framework or language of choice for the app except a pre-existing WordPress theme. For the website of the seller you can use anything you want - including Wordpress

Submission -

Submit your application links and other docs here - (submission deadline passed, doc no longer available) by September 15, 2017. Winner(s) will be announced by end of September

What happens if you complete? -

Not only will you have bragging rights, but you would have done the following:

- Formed a startup group - why not go all out and turn it to a company or a think-tank?

- A completed application to showcase for prospective employers/projects

- A bio page - marketing

- Video creation and youtube exposure/marketing

In addition if you WIN -

- I'll send out an educational announcement announcing your achievement to my Udemy students

- I'll send out a tweet naming your group with project link

- I'll post an update to LinkedIn with your group and project

Don't wait, add your group to the doc here today (submission deadline passed, doc no longer available) and update it as you progress through the project

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