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January 2017 Code Challenge - Build an address management solution

Build an address management solution - an issue I encountered during holiday season in sending greeting cards - and solve a real world problem!

Welcome to the code challenge for "The Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course" on Udemy

Summary: This past holiday season I struggled to get addresses together in an organized way for family and friends so I could easily mail greeting cards. The most common issues I faced were:

- The addresses I had in my address book were old

- I had received updated addresses but not put them in any central repository of any kind, so ended up with multiple addresses from multiple sources for the same people - not knowing which was the current

- I didn't have addresses at all

These were just some of the highlights, so I resorted to texting and emailing multiple people and of course I forgot a lot of them in the process. Therefore, for this code challenge we will solve the issue by building an address management solution for friends and family - Detailed requirements below.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. - Leonardo da Vinci


The main functions of the app are:

- I should be able to see Names, Addresses for family and friends (hint: alpha blog)

- I should be able to search for addresses in a search box - either by name or email address (hint: stock tracker)

- I should be able to click a button to print a label for the address in good format - or multiple addresses per page (extra credit). I should be able to edit the name field, or add & family of this address label, the default should be the account holders first and last name

The supporting functions you'll need to implement in order to offer this:

- Family members or friends should be able to create accounts for themselves in the app (both devise or regular authentication system built from scratch accepted, email authentication extra credit)

- They should be able to add First Name, Last Name, MI, Address

- Address should be in the format of Address 1, Address 2, City, Zip and Country

- Optional - Telephone numbers

- They should be able to edit their information

- They should be able to delete their information

- Only family members or friends themselves will be able to edit their own information, however, address information can be seen by other family members or friends

- All members should have access to the main functions of the app listed above

- Only you (the admin, or anyone else you designate as admin) should be able to remove people's accounts

- Only you (the admin, or anyone else you designate as admin) should be able to edit/update other people's information

Very important:

- Extra (a lot) of points given to good styling

- Extra points for good code practices

- Extra points for good user experience


- This can be a group project, maximum 4 members per group

- Competition begins January 25th, 2017 and ends February 15, 2017. All code must be submitted by then in the google doc here - submissions are closed

- You can use code from the course github repo's as you see fit but please don't copy paste directly

- You can use the live chat to get partners for your group

- TA (Sasikala), myself or Evgeny cannot be used as a resource for help

What happens if you win?

Winner will receive -

- Educational announcement with their code repo and names (group and individual) to all my students on Udemy

- A tweet announcing their amazing work with app link

- Linked in post from me with their app link and webpage (optional)

- Bragging rights!


Enter in details of your code and group info in the google doc here - submissions are closed

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