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BDD with Ruby on Rails Web Apps using Rspec 3 for automated testing almost complete!

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Learn how to build powerful feature rich web apps using Behavior Driven Development throughout! Master rspec and capybara and emulate users behavior
This will be a complete Behavior Driven Development course using rspec and capybara for automated testing and Ruby on Rails as the framework used to build the apps. This course is set to come out week of August 10th. This is another full stack web app development course where two web apps are made to completion.
I'm very excited about the second web app built in the course. Not only is this an app that can be released but the way it is built in the course is a combination of homework, code snippets, lectures and assignments where the student is treated like a developer!
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Keep coding and remember, development is like kung fu, you can NEVER have enough practice and no practice is in vain!
- Mashrur