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May Challenge - Learn by Teaching!

May "build something immediately useful" challenge for the Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course

The May code challenge is here - Learn by Teaching and build something immediately useful (for yourself and others!)

The May Code challenge is here and it'll be slightly different. It requires learning and immediate application, but on several topics therefore I would recommend a group structure for this challenge as well, groups of 3 would be ideal, but 2 would be ok as well

Details - Your group is to create a series of technical videos (like the Complete Ruby on Rails Developer Course) in a language or framework of your choice (or a combo, some choices presented below) which walks a beginner through learning that language or framework

Suggested languages (or combos) - .net, python/django, javascript (node or angular), ruby/rails (last resort), HTML/CSS. My suggestion is to create these with a language or framework you are currently mastering, have mastered already, or spend 2 weeks learning something new, and the next 2 weeks creating videos for them

Length - Each video should be between 2-15 minutes (if you're a few minutes over that's fine) in length and total length of the training video series should not be over 4 hours

Where should you post - This should be done in Youtube - since it's free and easy to share. Be as creative or as simple as you want with the content

Important - the idea to take a complete beginner to intermediate level, extra points for making it simple project based and fun

POINTS - important!

Audio/Video quality - you'll need to learn how to edit the videos. Try to edit out umm's and errr's as much as possible

Content - simple, start with hello world and start building projects after explaining the basics, or explain the basics with projects

Presentation - you're building a web presence for yourself by having videos on youtube so try to make it nice

Documentation - have a google doc (read only) that has the content nicely documented so you can share it during your videos and users can follow along

Extra points - have a front-end marketing site which discusses what you are teaching and (can be 1 page, but I'd prefer at least a home and about page) that points users who are visiting the site to the youtube series. This is where collaboration comes in


What to use?

- You can use quicktime and iMovie combo (on mac's this is free), if you have a microphone like Yeti it's better than your laptop's microphone, but if you don't have this don't worry (No need to invest extra money for this challenge). If you already have Camtasia - GREAT - use that or any other software you use already

- You can use dropbox (free tier) or vimeo (free tier) to communicate and share videos with group members, once ready - post them to youtube, make sure you track the links for everything so it's easy to locate

What happens if you win?

In addition to the broadcast of your tutorial series link (youtube link or blog post link) in my educational announcements to all students registered for this course, you'll get a tweet about it from me and also a linkedin and facebook share of your achievement including an endorsement for training if you add it as a skill

IN ADDITION (this one's big, but also a big if): If the audio/video quality and presentation are top notch, and the content is to my liking, I may consider co-creating a course with you in the near future if you're interested in taking on such a challenge*

*Subject to further discussions, conditions and agreements

Where to submit your content info

Add the information about your group and the videos/languages here: submission doc (This is now closed)

What are you waiting for? get started now!

Good luck!

- Mashrur