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March "build a startup" challenge winners - CodeKrieg! 

Congrats Paul (Teddy) Badarau and Himanshu Patel, but coming in at a close second Geeks2Code (Vincent, Matthew, Chris)

Two startups formed in 1 month from 1 course? The sky's the limit!

Winners - CodeKrieg formed by Paul Badarau and Himanshu Patel

Here is their company website (it's not fully complete but pretty good already!) - Paul and Himanshu have been amazing in the live chatline helping other students, running by ideas, trying new things, documenting their thoughts (check out Paul's blog here). Join me in giving a huge shoutout to these two and wish them unlimited success with their company. Here is the app that helped them win here:, here is the github repository of this app: Congrats guys!

Close 2nd place - Geeks2Code by Matthew Smith, Vincent Tadeo and Christopher Rodriguez

Here is their company website -, these guys also deserve a huge shoutout for their work and their active participation in the course and the student community. Congratulations and thanks guys!

You can find their task-it product here -

Thank you to all who participated and lookout for the April challenge coming up, hope you're ready!

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